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Make Up Magic

By KaleeRoseXOXO · July 15, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Todays blog is all about make up! Make up can transform your look from simple to chic, from classy to seductive. But how can you achieve these looks without knowing about the colors that will make your eyes look best.


Blue Eyes: Blue eyes are hard to do make up on because there are SO many different shades of blue eyes. There are way more shades of blue than there are of green or brown. For light blue eyes, try wearing grays, tans, and medium brown eyeshadows. For dark blue eyes, try whites, all shades of brown, purple, and charcol. It is proven that neutral colors make the blue eye pop more so than other eye colors. As far as eyeliner, if you have lighter blue eyes, I would suggest using a brown eyeliner; however, for dark blue eyes, try black liner. Brown eyeliner makes those baby blues pop, and black makes those deep blues appear brighter. Always match mascara with your eyeliner, if not, it looks silly. Tip for blue eyes: DO NOT put blue eyliner, eyeshadow, or mascara on blue eyes. It all looks way too blended and will just cover your eye color.

Green Eyes: Green eyes are the least common eye color in the United States. Lucky Ladies! The prime color that makes green eyes just look so gorgeous is purple. Any shade of purple will look amazing on a pair of green eyes, especially a deep purple to create a smoky affect! People constantly ask should I use brown or black eyeliner on my green eyes? My suggestion: for light/bright green eyes use either purple or black, brown doesn't make them look special. For a darker green eye you can used either black or brown. Mascara depends once again on what color your liner is! Tip for green eyes: Do NOT wear pink or red eyes

Brown Eyes: Brown eyes are very fun to play with. Most make up artists perfer practicing over and over again on a brown eyed person before ever touching a blue or green eye. This is because brown eyes are so contraversial. You can put on light or dark make up and virtually any color. Colors that especially look good on the brown eye are: creams, dark blues, dark greens, any shade of brown, and angel pinks. Brown eyes can wear either black or colored eyeliner. TIP: Do NOT wear brown eyeliner for the same reasons blue eyes shouldn't wear blue eyeliner. Purple, blue, and dark green eyeliner all look fun on brown eyes. Always wear black mascara!


Any make up questions can be emailed directly to me via my blog or my email: kaleecurtin@gmail.com




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umm... just wonderingg whaat aboutt hazel eyes!!! thaa is good advicee for brownn green and bluuee thoo

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Hazle eyes can wear brown or black eyeliner; however, i prefer to put hazle eyes in brown liner! Use a lot of tans with hazle eyes & black accents look GREAT on them ALWAYS use black mascara! You can also wear deep blues and purples!

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